Alpine zone

     3500-4500m Open grazing meadows, birch trees, juniper, rhododendron (over 400 different species in the Indian Himalaya).

Temperate zone 

     2500-3500m Fir, hemlock, pine, cedar, maple, walnut 1500-2500m Oak, blue pine, elm, laurel, beech, horse - chestnut, vibernum, cotton easter, sal, pipal and assorted fruit trees. 


Small flowering plants include:

     Begonia, ragwort, salvia, poppie, violet, balsam, wild raspberries and strawberries.

Flowers in the Indian Himalayas include: 

     Primula, iris, daisy, wax flower, edelweiss, ajuga, gentian, trefoil, cinquefoil, marsh marigold, orchid, saxifrage, spurge, rose.


Mammals in the Indian Himalayas include:

     Brown, black and sloth bear, red fox, forest and snow leopard, monkeys, including rhesus and langur, marmots, kiang, yak, blue sheep, ibex. 



Birdlife includes:

Species endemic to the Indian Himalayas 
     Lammergeier, golden eagle, monal, koklas pheasant, chir pheasant, Himalayan griffin vulture

Other birds include: 

     Black-headed sibia, plumbeaus redstart, yellow-billed blue magpie, scarlet, minivet, black drongo, blood pheasant.